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MetBase is the leading meteorite information database and bibliography of meteorites and planetary sciences. The software has been tailored to the needs of both meteorite collection curators and researchers working in the field of meteoritics, impact cratering or planetary geology/space science.

MetBase provides the information scientists need to enhance their research and education in meteoritics and related disciplines. Easy access to all kind of » meteorite basic information, » analysis data, » repositories, » images and » literature on meteoritics and planetary sciences makes the software most useful as a daily tool.

MetBase holds the world's largest compilation of » meteorite data on its own user-friendly program platform.

MetBase can be » ordered as a single-user or site license and is shipped on CD-ROM. Research institutes, natural history museums, libraries as well as private collectors and meteorite dealers are common » subscribers (licensees) of MetBase.

MetBase » bibliography of meteoritics and planetary sciences is the most comprehensive compilation with presently more than 90,000 keyword- and object-indexed references to articles, abstracts, books, catalogues, and special publications on meteorites, lunar rocks, meteors, impact cratering, tektites, martian geology, asteroids, exobiology and origin of the solar system, published between 1492 and today.


» Description MetBase has its own, user-friendly software platform which enables the user to access the information contained in 20 relational databases.

» Basic Data Get instant access on all available information of a specific meteorite, such as basic data, chemical and isotopes analyses, physical properties, TL data, repositories and pictures of type specimens and thin sections.

» Analysis Data More than 500,000 analysis data are stored in MetBase: Bulk chemical and element compositions, Isotope abundances, TL data, etc.

» Repositories Repositories of type specimens and thin sections are listed with collection short name and total weight for every known meteorite.

» Image Library Pictures of type specimens, thin sections as well as field photos of hot-desert finds can be displayed for selected meteorites.

» Bibliography The Bibliography presently contains 90,000+ key-word indexed references to literature of meteorites, lunar geology, tektites and impact cratering, mars, asteroids, solar system origin, exobiology and meteors.

» Database Content The already huge database content is growing year by year. More than 500,000 analysis data are stored in MetBase at the present time.

» Collections Inventory lists of more than 700 meteorite collections can be retrieved, with specimen weights, meteorite basic data and prepared sections information.

» Literature References This window shows a selection of important publications on a specific meteorite, such as reports, classifications, chemical, mineralogical or isotopic analyses.

» Statistical Calculations Data stored in MetBase tables can be statistically processed and summarized.

MetBase is a registered trademark

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